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Inclement Weather Policy


It is that time of year when you never know what Mother Nature has in store for us so we need to have a policy on hand in the event of nasty weather. Below you will find the Inclement Weather Policy for FPCMA.

Please note that any decisions made that are different from those listed below, ie. the City Schools are closed but evening events are going to take place anyway, will also be posted on the same sites as listed in item number three. So make sure you check one of these sites before you head out. Our first concern is always for your safety.

 Inclement Weather Policy: It is our intention that all church activities take place as scheduled.  However, there are times when the weather makes it difficult to do so.  In an attempt to be proactive, FPC has adopted the following policy:

  1. All decisions concerning the cancellation of Sunday morning and evening activities will be made by the Pastor & Clerk of Session with input from the Director of Christian Education.
  2. During the week, if the Mount Airy City Schools are closed due to inclement weather, any church activities scheduled for that afternoon or evening will be cancelled.
  3. A notification of all cancelled church functions will be placed on WXII Channel 12, Facebook, Twitter and the Online Grapevine as soon as soon as possible.


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