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Welcome to The Online Grapevine!

Hey everyone, and welcome to The Online Grapevine! This is intended to serve as a compliment to our monthly printed newsletter, The Grapevine; as well as keeping you informed on the latest news at First Presbyterian – special announcements, funeral arrangements, etc.

The easiest way to make The Online Grapevine work for you is to subscribe to this blog. You can do that by typing your email in the subscribe field at the top right of this page and clicking “Sign Me Up!” You will then receive a confirmation email in your email inbox and will need to click on the link provided to complete the process. From that point on, any posts made to this blog will find their way to you in the form of a rather nice-looking email.  If you’ve been in the habit of receiving church email updates via Lynn’s church email account, it is especially important that you subscribe here to continue receiving notifications, as we will be discontinuing the previous method.

Again, by subscribing to this blog you will receive emails updating you on all that’s going on in the church.  You can also come to this website to review any archives messages.

So what are you waiting for?  Subscribe!  Thanks for checking out The Online Grapevine!


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